Ridge Vent Deep Trough RV10DT - For roof cladding with a trough depth of >38mm

The VENT Ridge Vent Deep Trough is designed to release warm air from the roof void using the natural convection of rising warm air or by means of negative pressure created by wind blowing over the roof. The RV10DT has an adhesive and flexible aluminium flashing which is designed to form to roofing profiles and prevent water ingress on any pitch roof.

  • The RV10DT both form part of a passive ventilation system that works year round with no moving parts or energy consumption.

  • The RV10DT is designed to be compatible with roof cladding profiles with a trough depth of >38mm.


  • It comes in 1.2 metre long
  • 6 pieces (7.2 LM) per Carton

Physical Properties

Property Value
Dimensions 20mm thick x 1200mm long
Total LM per Carton 6 pieces (7.2 LM) per Carton
Calculated Passive Air Flow 8,000mm² per LM
For Trough Depths Greater than 38mm
Recommended Ridge Flashing size Minimum 200mm to conceal soft edge of Ridge Vent
Vent size 4mm
Material Polypropylene with Butyl Flashing tape
Warranty 30 years
  • Between 17mm and 25mm contact with the trough is required, depending on the cladding profile.
  • Minimum working temperatures to dress down the soft edge flashing is 5°C. Primer or heat gun is recommended below 5°C.
  • Additional fixing screw lengths is required to accommodate 20mm thickness of the RV10DT.