DriStud Wall Wrap Fire Retardant, Breathable, Absorbent, Air barrier non-woven Wall Underlay

DriStud Wall Wrap is engineered from resilient non-woven fabric and is a commercial grade building wrap. DriStud Wall Wrap has a high resistance to moisture and is perfectly suited for Residential and Commercial Buildings with high-permeable moisture transfer requirements.

DriStud Wall Wrap is also an air barrier that allows for high moisture vapour transfer creating a healthier and more energy-efficient structure for projects in wet or cold climates and/or for projects requiring high vapour permeability.


  • CodeMark™ Certified
  • Fire Retardant (FR Index: 3)
  • UV Exposure: 60 days
  • Breathable & Absorbent
  • Air barrier (can be used on gable ends)
  • Can be direct fixed with absorbent and non-absorbent wall claddings
  • Can be direct fixed to timber and steel-framing
  • Can be installed over an 18mm minimum drained cavity
  • Can be used for residential and commercial buildings
  • Translucent for ease of Installation
  • Suitable for "Very High" Wind Zones when used as standalone flexible underlay
  • Suitable for "Extra High" Wind Zones when used as a flexible underlay over a rigid wall underlay


Water Resistant
Provides a high resistance to moisture while restricting air movement within the wall cavity.

Air barrier
Has a specialized air barrier material allows for the highest moisture vapour transfer creating a healthier more energy-efficient structure for projects in wet and cold climates.

Is tailored for projects requiring higher levels of permeability and minimizes the probability of condensation build-up.

Meets NZ Building Codes
Meets or exceeds applicable building codes for water resistant barriers and air barriers. DriStud Wall Wrap is CodeMark™ certified for both commercial and residential applications.

Is extremely robust and will remain fastened longer.

Energy Efficient
Creates a healthier more energy efficient structure due to its specialized air barrier material.

Simple Application
Lightweight yet durable. DriStud Wall Wrap is translucent making locating studs, openings and corners quick and easy.

Custom Printing Available
2 colour printing available - short lead time and small MOQ

Available Sizes

Width (mm) Length (m) Area (m2)
2740 36.5 100
2740 9.2 25
1370 73 100
1370 18.5 25

Technical Properties

Property Standard Value
Weight 110 ±5 g/m2
Flammability index AS1530.2-1993 3
Fire Retardant Yes
UV Exposure Up to 60 days
Water Vapour Resistance ASTM E96 Procedure B Requirement ≤7 MNs/g; Pass
Absorbancy AS/NZS 4201: Part 6 Requirement ≥100 g/m²; 196 g/m² - Pass
Air Resistance BS ISO 5636-5:2003 Requirement ≥0.1 MN s/m³; Pass
Air Barrier Yes
Water Resistance AS/NZS 4201.4:1994 Requirement ≥100mm H₂O; Pass
Tensile Strength ASTM D882 MD: 6.88 KN/m, CD: 5.84 KN/m
Edge Tear Strength TAPPI T470 MD: 351 N, CD: 302 N
Durability (years) 50