Silverzone Reflective Foil Insulation Fire Retardant Double Sided Foil with PE Bubble Close Cell Structure

In a traditional roof, the radiant energy is absorbed by the insulation and then the heat eventually transfers into the living space causing high energy bills and comfort issues. By “Breaking” this path of energy, 97% of the radiant energy is reflected back towards the roof.

Silverzone is a reflective foil with twin layers of aluminium separated by a layer of air. The foil reflects 97% of heat and deflects the external cold temperature while the layer of bubble keeps these surfaces separated. It is an extremely effective insulation. Silverzone has a special coating on it's aluminium surfaces to stop oxidization and comes with a 15 year manufacturers warranty. The scrim reinforcing makes it a lot stronger than traditional building foils.

Silverzone is ideal for use as an insulation product fits to the underside of the roof of commercial sheds and buildings.

Stockist: The Insulation Warehouse

Technical Properties

Property Standard Value
Nominal thickness 8mm
Roll Sizes (m²) 1200mm x 30m or 1200mm x 15m
Flammability index AS1530.2-1993 ≤5
Fire Retardant Yes
Emmisivity ASTM C1371 0.05
Reflectivity ASTM C 1371 0.95
Heat Resistance (R) under roof 3.06 m2°C/W
Noise Reduction Coefficient 55%
Fungal Resistance Test ASTM C 1338 No fungal growth
Resistance to water penetration AS/NZS 4201.4:1994 High (Water Barrier)
Vapour barrier Yes
Durability (years) 15